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durflex®101 sp roller professional

Conceived, studied and realised by Vesmaco was first used at 2004 Inline Speed Skating World Championships in L’Aquila, Italy. The positive feedback of the athletes from 40 participating countries, triggered an increasing demand for “tracks as the one in L’Aquila”.
The ease of use, the absence of connection joints, the high degree of adherence (impossible on concrete) and the smoothness allowed by the system are the reasons of its great success. It has revolutionized competitive speed and artistic roller skating, overcoming the old concept of concrete tracks. Such characteristics have allowed (since L’Aquila 2004) new world records and improved individual times. Our commitment in research and testing, has allowed the athletes to do their best, reducing the risk of falling to a minimum.
WORLD SKATE (ex FIRS) has officially approved durflex®101 sp roller professional, advising for its use in both new constructions and renovation, contributing to the standardisation of agonistic skating surfaces in order to guarantee high performing features all over the world.
The durflex® 101 sp roller professional surface, homologated by WORLD SKATE, passed the practicality test on wet surface in February, 2008 and the under pouring rain test in April, 2008 at San Miniato Basso speed rink, Pisa .

Examples of installation:
Rovigo - Italy 2013
Geisingen - Germany 2010


durflex® 100 sp roller professional

Cycle/system for the conversion slippery concrete skating floorings, with high falling risk, to synthetic resinous surfaces with a high smoothness degree and security standards. The new features have been proved by tests on San Benedetto del Tronto rink (AP) - Italy

Homologated by:

WORLD SKATE (Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports)
CERS (Confédération Européenne de Roller-Skating)
FIHP (Federazione Italiana Hockey e Pattinaggio)

Examples of installation:
Jinju - Korea 2010


durflex® 200 sp roller professional

Cycle/system for sport flooring designed for activities such as hockey, speed skating and multisport. Suitable for facilities which do not require homologation.

It has an open-grade bituminous conglomerate sub-base (grain size suggested by Vesmaco) and offers a high smoothness degree (real and perceived by athletes) attending security standards. With further works, It offers the possibility to obtain the WORLD SKATE homologation.