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From 1966

Since 1966 Vesmaco has been an international leader in the production and application of resinous systems for coating bituminous conglomerates and cementitious substrates for sports and civil use.

The company was founded in 1966 by Romano Maria Cacciani, the visionary entrepreneur who revolutionized the concept of speed skating thanks to the creation of the Vesmaco Tracks: the fastest and smoothest skating surfaces in the world, presented for the first time at L'Aquila Skating World Championships in 2004.

After the founder's death, in June 2017, his daughter Claudia, with the same passion and determination as her father, took over the company by forging important collaborations with companies and leading figures in the world of skating.
It is with Claudia that, in 2019, Vesmaco entered into an important collaboration agreement for the distribution of its products and the granting of the license to use its brand to VESMACO ASIA of Danny Lee.

Vesmaco materials, produced and tested in our factory in Monsano (AN, Italy), boast extremely high-quality raw materials and can be chromatically calibrated according to the specific needs of the customer, even for limited quantities.

The success of the materials is also guaranteed thanks to the high degree of reliability and professionalism that Vesmaco has gained over decades of experience, managing thousands of supplies and applications all over the world, in the most various sectors of intervention as well as a close-knit corporate and cohesive team: the teams of Vesmaco's internal technicians, experts in the application and product management, ensure the best result also by virtue of rigorous technical support and careful preliminary analysis of the civil or sports surfaces to be treated.

At the heart of our daily commitment there is the satisfaction of our customers: consolidating excellent and long-lasting business relationships is an indispensable prerequisite for us to guarantee the best results.

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