From 1966

Vesmaco Company, still headed by its founder,  has been the leading international manufacturer of synthetic coatings and finishes since 1966. Vesmaco products, made of acrylic resins, are designed for sport and civil surfaces. Our company also manufactures mono and bi-component systems, made of acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane.

A reality that, thanks to its founder and director ROMANO MARIA CACCIANI, has distinguished itself all over the world. Following his untimely death in June 2017 his daughter CLAUDIA will be continuing in his footstep.

Our materials boast high reliability features due to our company long experience in the field of synthetic surfaces. We consider the excellent quality of our products and the qualified technical support garanteed during all the phases of product application, including sub-base former preparation, as core values to the establishment of strong and successfull business relationships.